10 Proven Beard Hacks To Have Well-Groomed Beard

10 Proven Beard Hacks To Have Well-Groomed Beard

Have you been thinking about the pros and cons of having a beard just because you can’t maintain or groom it well? Don’t worry you don’t have to lift dumbbells or have a nine-step morning or evening routine to do that. Prioritizing your beard and accepting some hacks (not that you have to follow each one daily) could give you the beard you have always wanted. One thing that you must keep in mind is, choosing Beardo or a well-framed brand when you choose products for your beard.

These are the ten beard hacks that you need to adapt to now to make sure you have the most well-groomed beard.

1. Prune your beard regularly

Are you new to growing a beard? You’d have to let it grow for a few weeks and fight the impulse to shave because of the irritating sensation. Although the itching should go away in a few weeks, it may take a few months to get the beard to look the way you want it to. Just make sure the length is correct (based on the size and shape of your face) before cutting or shaping it. If you’re starting from scratch, limit yourself to pruning it once every six weeks.

2. Detangle it once in a while

When your beard has grown long enough to be styled and groomed, use the necessary tools to shape it. Using Bristle Brush from Beardo products, for example, helps detangle stubborn hair while also exfoliating the skin beneath your beard. It also removes loose strands that might otherwise clog your sink when washing it. Check for and remove ingrown hairs, which are harmful to your beard’s development.

3. Get hold of beard wash

Although washing your beard is just as vital as washing your hair, avoid using the same shampoo for both. Use Beardo products such as a Beardo Irish Royale beard wash that is gentle and has adequate moisturisers. Also, use thick conditioners to keep your hair from becoming too tangled with one another. Allow the conditioner to stay on your beard for a few minutes (just as you would with your hair) before washing it off.

4. Care for the under-beard skin

Improving the hygiene of the skin underneath your beard is critical for healthy and quicker beard development. Exfoliate the skin beneath your face to eliminate dead skin before washing with warm water and using a cleanser. Doing so on a daily basis is vital since it may eliminate food and skin cells that become stuck in your hair, which not only clogs your pores but also looks and feels disgusting.

5. Be choosy about beard oils

If you want a healthy-looking, thick, and shiny beard, rub some beard oil of your choice into it, especially after washing or blow-drying it regularly, as it can seem quite dry afterwards. You can go for Beardo products such as Beardo Beard growth oils that contain jojoba oil, and tea tree oil to improve the growth and density of your beard. If you naturally create a certain quantity of oil through your skin’s pores, you may want to keep an eye on how much oil you need to apply.

6. Pay attention to moustache

Maintaining a stache may be a macho endeavour, giving you the confidence to twirl and flaunt it about in elegance. However, maintain the region beneath your nose tidy and shapely by trimming it with a pair of grooming scissors. If you want it to stay in the form that you grew it in the first place, apply a moustache wax to keep it sculpted and in place.

7. Go for face massage

Massaging your face improves blood circulation to your face, resulting in healthier, thicker, and faster facial hair growth. A face massage is one of the most effective techniques to encourage new hair growth by increasing blood circulation to your hair follicles. Massaging is one of the most effective strategies to achieve a fuller, thicker beard in the shortest amount of time.

8. Be Picky about what you eat

Yes, the foods you consume have an influence not only on the quality of your health but also on the health of your beard. Similar to the health of your skin, the vitamins and minerals you acquire from your diet may help keep your beard hair healthy. People who grow thick and beautiful beards swear by biotin, a water-soluble vitamin high in Vitamin-B that is essential for maintaining your hair roots strong and healthy. Also, make sure you’re consuming protein-rich meals that will help your beard develop.

9. Exercise, exercise, exercise

Although this is self-evident, exercising on a daily basis can help maintain your testosterone levels stable. Given that the length of your beard is primarily dependent on testosterone levels, keeping this male hormone elevated can go a long way toward keeping your beard ready. Don’t forget to set your alarm for a good night’s sleep every night. A good night’s sleep also improves your testosterone levels and, as a result, the vitality of your beard.

10. Don’t ignore the patch

A “patch” in your beard is a portion of your beard that either grows slowly or not at all. Most guys, believe it or not, have at least one or two spots in their beard. Surprised? True, many of us have just recently learned how to conceal them. Even the longest beards can conceal a patch or two; it’s only a matter of figuring out how to deal with them. You may comb your hair to cover thinning places on your head, and you can comb your beard to lessen the visual effect of your patches. Apply a little amount of style balm to the hair closest to the patch you’re working with.