Why is Social Media Great for Your Nail Salon Business?

Do you know that the US alone has 223 million social media users? With a penetration of 88.75% in the American market, social media can make a huge impact on your nail salon business. It’s a great platform to find and communicate with your audience, without the hassle of attending pricey events, dropping off business cards that will get discarded or running expensive advertisements in print or visual media. 

You may have many questions on how to start your own nail salon business. And you’re also perhaps wondering how social media plays an important role in boosting your nail salon business. There are bona fide reasons why 73% marketers agree that social media is ‘somewhat or very effective in their business strategy’. Let’s take a look at them. 

1. It takes your business places

Users have accounts on different social media platforms, making them accessible to your nail salon’s branding message on multiple channels, and increasing your chances of making a better impact. When your message gets more views, your business builds better awareness, even without paid ads. So, basically, your nail salon ‘travels’ without you having to do anything more than consistently putting your messages on a social media platform. 

2. It lets you slide in personal interactions

The thing about social media is that if done right, you can easily start personalized conversations with your target audience. Social media platforms allow for social listening and sentiment analyses, giving you cues on how people feel about your brand and your competitors. Social media lets you reach out to a disgruntled customer as much as it lets you thank a happy one. With such personalized conversations you can change brand perceptions and drive business growth. 

3. It lets you showcase your work

90% of the information processed by the brain is visual. So, if you want to show your audience the latest indie nails trend that you did at your salon, putting up an image is going to work way better than writing or telling people verbally. Social media gives you the perfect channel to showcase your work with attention-grabbing visuals. It’s also a great way to build loyalty with your clientele. You can either tag guests in the pictures, ask them to geo-tag you or request them to give you a video testimonial, allowing you to display your work to a whole new social circle. 

4. It helps build brand awareness

When it comes to shooting brand messages, social media platforms are incredibly versatile. From giving your target audience a tour of your nail salon premises to introducing your team members and their qualifications, and from demonstrating your matchless customer service to offering informative content, social media allows you to stand out and flaunt your unique brand and style to the world. 

5. It gives you opportunities for collaborations 

Social media collaboration is a great way to get people talking about your brand. For instance, rope in a local celebrity or influencer or a product brand to create and promote content such as videos, blogs, live streams and events. These would allow you to build awareness and get you fresh engagement from a new audience. Collaborations with familiar faces that people know, like and trust will help you get your foot in the door, create new conversations, spark creativity and make way for more business. 

Finding a loyal social following does not happen overnight. Be patient and consistent, and the long-term payoff will be worth the wait.