What is Mobile Credit Card Processing?

What is Mobile Credit Card Processing?

Mobile credit card processing enables merchants to process transactions using a mobile device or tablet. It’s perfect for businesses that have unpredictable sales volume, are on the move, or operate in remote areas where traditional card machines are not available. Unlike traditional countertop credit card processors, mobile devices give you the flexibility of taking payments anywhere without the burden of dragging around a machine.

Mobile credit card processing is done with the use of an application installed on a mobile device, which allows you to swipe cards through your phone or tablet’s audio jack, or by typing in the credit card information manually. Payments are processed securely over 3G, 4G networks, or Wi-Fi connections using advanced encryption technology to protect sensitive card information.

Advantages of Mobile Credit Card Processing

Mobile credit card processing is a great alternative for businesses that have unpredictable sales volume, are on the move, or operate in remote areas where traditional card machines are not available. Compared to countertop credit card processors it’s lightweight and highly portable, allowing you to swipe cards or manually type in card information from anywhere.

The benefits of mobile credit card processing include

Accept all major credit cards, debit cards, gift cards and NFC/contactless payments without the need for additional hardware.

Process transactions quickly with a simple IOS or Android device and a reliable internet connection. No complicated systems to set up or maintain.

Access your payment processing account through any web-enabled device like a laptop or desktop computer, tablet, or mobile phone. Take payments anywhere in the world through an internet connection.

Manage your business more effectively with real-time reporting and analytics so you can react to market trends in real time.

Manage your business and employees with customizable settings and filters so you can assign and track user access and spending limits for each employee.

Track inventory levels in real time, ensuring no card transaction is processed before the item has been shipped to the customer.

Reconcile transactions easily at any time from anywhere via an online portal or mobile app.

Provide an additional level of service and security to your customers by accepting contactless payments and EMV chip cards with mobile credit card processing.

The mobile point of sale (mPOS) system allows you to accept all major credit, debit, gift, and NFC/contactless transactions using a phone or tablet equipped with an audio jack. The payment processing account is linked to the mobile POS system through an app that can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

Before you can begin accepting credit card payments, you need to sign up for a payment gateway and merchant account with a reputable credit card processor. There are many different mobile processors and we recommend starting with either Square or PayPal.

Setting up your device to process transactions is simple, but you need to have a compatible mobile POS system and reliable internet connection. You can use any modern smartphone or tablet as long as it has the Android 4.4+ Operating System or iOS 5+ Operating System installed on it.

Mobile credit card processing is not available for devices running on the Windows 10 Operating System, Blackberry, or any phone without internet access so be sure to double-check before you purchase your device.

Once you have purchased a mobile POS system and signed up for an account with a payment processor, all you need to do is load the app onto your phone or tablet and follow the prompts. Most mobile processors have walk-through guides on their websites to help you get started in just a few minutes.

Making payments is simple too. All you need to do is swipe or manually type in your customer’s payment information into the app, then approve the transaction with your signature or PIN code using your device’s built-in security features.Mobile credit card processing provides a highly secure way to take payments from anywhere in the world with an internet connection and a compatible device. It also frees up your time by allowing you to process transactions wherever it’s most convenient for you and your customers.