Picking The Best Photo Albums

Picking The Best Photo Albums

Photo albums are more than mere books. They are a collection of your memories, whether you look at pictures of celebrations or just tea by the window. 

Your memories might fade, but photographs capture moments forever. So, it only makes sense to be careful about how you store your photos.

While people don’t usually think too much when they buy photo albums online, there are many factors to consider.

If you’re looking for new photo albums, this article is meant for you!

Brace yourself for the ultimate guide to selecting the right photo albums.

What Are the Different Kinds Of Photo Albums?

You might come across several kinds of photo albums differing in capacity, size, and materials. Let’s look at the most common ones.

  • Scrapbooks: These are designed to hold 12×12 inches of scrapbook pages. They can either be bound by rungs or glue. Their large size allows you to add decorations.
  • Memos: These albums come with spine-bound pages. They typically come with pockets to slip in photos. Memo albums also tend to have ruled spaces, so you can pen down captions near the pictures.
  • Ring Binders: Such albums enable you to add or rearrange the pages whenever you want. You can pop open the rings and add or remove pages to your liking.

Different Pages Used In Photo Albums

Photo albums can feature any of the three kinds of pages available. Here’s a brief description of each type.

  • Adhesive

Pages that come lined with adhesives make your job pretty simple since you can attach the images without photo corners or glue.

The adhesive is pretty strong, so the pictures stick on easily. However, you can move the images when required.

  • Non-Adhesive

These pages are just paper. The paper is of good quality and is supposed to last for decades without deteriorating.

At times, you might have to use photo corners or some sort of adhesive to mount the pictures onto the paper. Non-adhesive paper is pretty standard in memo albums and scrapbooks.

  • Photo Pockets

Photo pockets enable you to slide the photos into the pockets. The pockets are made with clear plastic and are available in different sizes.

These pages are typically used in ring binder albums. The pocket sizes are designed to fit standard image sizes, such as 4×6 inches, 5×7 inches, etc.

How Are Photos Mounted 

Here are the most common ways by which photos are mounted into photo albums.

  • Photo Corners: These corners are small pieces of tape shaped into triangles. They have a removable backing and can easily slip onto the corners of pictures.
  • Double Sided-Tape: Tape with adhesive on either side is perfect for holding photos in place. It is most commonly used in scrapbook albums.
  • Pocket Pages: They are easy and convenient options to place photos inside albums. There is no need to use messy adhesives and risk ruining your pictures.
  • Acid-Free Glue Sticks: They are commonly used to mount photos onto non-adhesive paper. The glue dries up quickly and is quite effective.

Final Thoughts

Picking the right photo album is pivotal since it will be the place you store all your important memories in.

If you’re going to buy photo albums online, it is a good idea to look through all of these features and decide what kind of album you will get!