Industrial RO Water plant – All you need to know

Industrial RO Water plant – All you need to know

The need for fresh and purified water for manufacturing, cleaning, drinking, and other uses have expanded dramatically in the last decade. The company makes and distributes high-quality Industrial RO Plants that remove up to 95 percent of organic matter and pollutants, making the water safe for consumption.

Industrial RO Plants Are Available In Two Configurations: Completely Automated And Semi-Automatic

  • A fully automatic industrial RO plant produces more water faster than a manual plant. They are mechanically operated using pneumatic action, ensuring that the cleaning and filling are done accurately
  • Manual washing is required for the semi-automatic Industrial RO Plant. The remainder of the tasks is completely automated.

Industrial RO Plants Come in a Variety of Designs

100 LPH Reverse Osmosis Plant

The 100 LPH Industrial RO Plant is used in hospitals, nursing homes, small schools and offices, institutions, restaurants, and other similar establishments.
They are mainly divided into two categories. One high-pressure switch is installed on the unit, and the unit’s output water capacity is 100 liters per hour. The RO water purifier plant cost varies in between Rs. 40,000 to Rs. 55,000 per plant.
In addition to requiring less maintenance due to its energy-efficient design, it uses less power and electricity.

RO Plant With A Capacity Of 150 LPH

Every day, a 150 LPH Industrial RO Plant can meet the needs of 200-300 workers, students, or clients, depending on the capacity. It features four membrane tap water elements with a combined GDP of 300. Compared to home RO purifiers, this RO produces a higher output and has a longer life expectancy.
A flow rate of 150 liters per hour has an output water capacity. The price of a plant begins at roughly Rs—50,000 per plant. The RO plants with a capacity of 150 LPH have a long service life and are simple to maintain.

RO Plant With A Capacity Of 200 LPH

With its high durability, the 200 LPH Industrial RO Plant is suited for small to medium-sized businesses such as small to medium-sized hotels, restaurants, corporate offices, schools, institutions, commercial buildings, and malls. the plant has a cost of Rs. 75,000.
The 200 LPH RO plant is a corrosion-free, ecologically friendly product with 200 liters per hour output water capacity. It has a corrosion-free design and is an environmentally friendly product.

RO Plant With A Capacity Of 250 LPH

Small and medium-sized companies such as food and beverage, textile, chemical, and similar sectors benefit from the 250 LPH Industrial RO Plant. Additionally, it may be utilized by big hostels, restaurants, colleges, and institutions with a significant need for water. It has a thin film composite membrane of the light film composite type. It has a capacity of 250 liters of water per hour for output water.
The cost of a 250 LPH RO plant is roughly Rs. 85,000 on average, according to industry estimates. It is possible to efficiently keep the TDS level below 120 ppm with the 250 LPH RO plant.

RO Plant With A Capacity Of 350 LPH

The 350 LPH Industrial RO Plant is perfect for hospitals, food processing units, hotels, and other similar establishments, and it is available at a fair price in a variety of configurations.
It has a capacity of 350 liters of water per hour for output water. The average cost of a 350 LPH RO plant is roughly Rs. 95,000, which is more than the national average. It has a water recovery rate of up to 95 percent and the potential to create potable water safe for use. Outstanding performance, a solid structure, trouble-free operation, and low power consumption distinguish this product.

RO Plant With A Capacity Of 500 LPH

500 LPH RO Plants are manufactured by established industry standards, utilizing advanced technology and the highest quality raw materials. They are ideal for use in small to medium-sized businesses, factories, hospitals, and industries for drinking water, production, and cleaning purposes. It can meet the daily water needs of 800 to 1000 people without compromising on quality. The 500 LPH RO plant has six filtering stages and has a surface area of 300 to 350 square feet but the 500 LPH RO plant price may vary. The typical cost of a premium-quality 500 LPH RO plant is roughly Rs.1.5 million.


The usage of Industrial water purifier plants is in various sectors is expected to grow as the advantages and benefits of using them become more apparent. It has fewer dangers, is more efficient, is more cost-effective, is more environmentally friendly, and needs less maintenance than other options.
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