Ice Ceiling Speaker: Virtual Invisible 791 Ceiling Speaker

Ice Ceiling Speaker: Virtual Invisible 791 Ceiling Speaker

Although the treatment is complicated, it can be a bit more difficult than removing the poplar roof (removing cottage cheese or soundproof roofs), so inspect the surface with the help of a laboratory and then contact the asbestos reduction company. Do Samples are proven. Dangerous

Size on plaster ceiling

Older homes with plaster floors can be larger in size for homeowners. In old houses, plaster was used on metal, wood or plaster boards to cover walls and ceilings. Vibration and water damage to the roof can be related to the materials used in the plaster installation process. The layers of gypsum coating separate from the surface structure of the gypsum and form shapes. Lack of heat can also cause the last coat to hang on the wall.  They are easier to install than others, and they offer many advantages over the best ceiling dubai or wall plaster

There are two ways to fix this. The DIY method can be used to contact homeowners who want to estimate alternative prices through a plaster cleaner: Contact a plaster contractor. Valuable resources show a significant difference between a plaster contractor and a drying contractor, and choosing the wrong repair business is a common mistake.

Clearly, the DIY method can go a long way in removing poporn roofs. However, if the contractor is involved, removing the porcelain roof may be more reasonable for the homeowner than this treatment.

There is only one set of Bose Ceiling speakers: the Virtual Hidden 791 internal speaker. The name is known for its amazing quality, and this ceiling speaker set definitely enhances the company’s reputation. Take a closer look at this product.

General explanation

Like the speakers on the roof, these are excellent instruments that produce high quality sound. The speakers are 10 “in diameter and 4.66” deep. The short depth of the device can be easily attached to the ceiling. Each piece weighs 4.73 pounds, so they are very easy to assemble. They do not put too much weight on the roof, so you do not have to worry about falling on them.

The device selection package comes with two speakers, two speakers with grill, and a mold or paint shield. If you want to frame the speaker in a color similar to your ceiling, the Paint Shield serves as a shield for the speaker. Perfect round speakers can be wisely attached to the ceiling, and you can make it even more beautiful. If you meet guests, you’ll be able to brag about the amazing sound system you have, even if your guests don’t know where they come from. These speakers save a lot of space, as well as make a lot of noise in any room.

The only downside to any buyer of this device is that it is very expensive. For quality, if the price is high, you don’t think much, but not for buyers who think they have devices that are close to their budget or their price isn’t high, but more productive. Is. Very comfortable model for them.

Audio equipment

This Bose Ceiling Speaker Kit has many Bose branded features that can only be added to Bose products. The stereo ubiquitous speaker functionality is designed to produce a balanced stereo sound, even in a wide range of directions, unlike other traditional home speakers. The speaker system has a “7” speaker, which provides deep and soft bass notes for more dramatic sound effects and extreme musical richness. This allows the speaker’s voice to resonate not only in one direction but in all directions.

Other features

This set of speakers is very easy to assemble. This package comes with four clamp screws that fit into the speaker for maximum ease of mounting. It also has an unlimited design and does not require a house as the roof itself becomes the speaker housing. However, the use of these speakers is limited to dryers, plaster or gypsum boards. It is almost impossible to place them on a drip roof, as they are 5 “deep and do not match the standard wall depth of 4” and are not designed for wall construction.


This wonderful combination of Bose Ceiling speakers is a great addition to your entertainment system. If you want a great speaker set, great music production and high quality performance that can save a lot of space at home, I highly recommend Virtual Invisible 791 Speech.