Digital marketing trends that will dominate the next years

Digital marketing trends that will dominate the next years

E-commerce and eSports are getting more popular in every part of the world. If you want to focus on the latest trends in the digital world, then it’s definitely online sports and commerce. In this post, we will dive deeper and understand why those trends will dominate the upcoming decade.

E-commerce is dominating the demand/supply chain

Note that e-commerce has become the new normal for all sectors, even for the automotive sector, for the food sector, how many people who previously did not make purchases online have started to do so, so the e-commerce and understanding e-commerce not only as a complete payment process, that is, we are not going to pay, if we are looking for a car for example, we are not going to pay for the car through the internet obviously, but if you can do a  reservation, in fact, is not unusual today. 

Therefore, e-commerce is one of the strategies that all businesses must implement to a greater or lesser extent, sales of products, sale of services, but it is something fundamental and that will undoubtedly be growing in all the parts that we speak of affordable content. 

For example, Instagram allows you to put labels directly on a photograph so that the user, just by putting their finger on it, a bag, a T-shirt, a pair of sunglasses, takes them directly to the file of that product and can close the purchase. There is also a boom in buyers in marketplaces such as Amazon, or in very powerful tools such as Google Shopping, the advertising part of Google Ads. Google Shopping are those ads that when you search in Google, photographs of the products appear, and they are ads that give very good results.

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eSports and Streaming tournaments

eSports are gaining more traction. MOre people are watching live streams of the tournaments between the digital teams. Twitch is definitely a big part of this movement. More streamers are trying Twitch viewer bot to get more popular and have a chance to participate in those types of tournaments. 

In addition, marketers think that sports and Esports are also a new tourist claim for cities, they have a lot of applicability in many places, not only in sports, but at the tourist level, at the level of destinations, well, the truth is that ultimately. It is very important and it is wonderful how Esports are growing and what they are going to give us to talk about in the coming years.

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