Dataquest vs Springboard: Which is Best for Learning Data Science?

Dataquest vs Springboard: Which is Best for Learning Data Science?

We compare Springboard data science bootcamp with the DataQuest data science learning platform. We can’t help but a little bias, but we will give it directly and help you decide which one is the best choice for you.


Maybe the biggest difference between the DataQuest and Springboard is a price. While Springboard checks $ 1,490 per month, the DataQuest is only $ 49 per month.

The environment is a six-month course, so your costs will be limited to $ 8,940. If you complete a course in six months, you will only pay for the months you use, so in theory, you can pay as little as $ 1.490 for access (although it will be very difficult to complete the entire course in the period of time).

Instead, the Data Encryption allows you to learn at your own speed, so that your costs are not closed in the same way. In the 2019 survey of student results, most of our students say they fulfill their initial learning objectives within 2-6 months, so you might be able to expect to spend time that is roughly the same as the DataQuest or Springboard.

Even if you work more slowly, you can subscribe to the DataQuest for 15 years and still haven’t spent as much as you want for Springboard!

One upside down to a more expensive course is that it helps with your motivation – with thousands on the line, you might be less likely to peel, because you have invested a lot of money into your study. While the DataQuest will save a lot of money, you must provide extra motivation and dedication itself.

If you plan to commit to the DataQuest, you can consider our annual plan, which gives you a discount of more than 40% by paying for 12 months in advance, which can help overcome commitment barriers.


Some online reviews have criticized the Springboard curriculum, because they partnered with cheaper alternatives for some of their curriculum, and directed their students to free online resources for the rest.

That said, many stepping students reported satisfaction with what they had learned at the end of the course, as evidenced by the ranking of their 4.73 / 5 student reviews on the independent switchUp platform.

Conversely, 100% of the DataQuest curriculum is built by our In-House experts, so we can provide carefully designed learning experiences that are constantly updated and optimized based on the data we collect as students develop through courses. Sprintzeal We offer learning paths for data analysis, data science, and data engineering in our interactive in-browser encoding environment.

The ranking of our 4.9 / 5 student review on the switchUp suggested that students are very satisfied with the skills they have learned on the DataQuest. Our own internal data collection also confirms this (96% of students in our survey say they would recommend DataQuest.)


To enter the Springboard data science bootcamp, you need a six-month active coding experience and medium statistical knowledge. If you don’t have this prerequisite, SpringBoard offers a six-week $ 490 course to learn it. If you need this course, it increases the total cost of the Springboard program to $ 9,430 (assuming you spend six full months in the main program).

In the DataQuest, we teach you the code way from the start. We do not need knowledge of prerequisites outside of high level mathematics.

Learning Schedule

The Springboard curriculum is designed to be taken for a period of six months. They suggest that most students spend 15-20 hours per week of learning. If you want, you can choose to learn at a faster speed that can save some of your tuition fees. However, this is likely to require committed 20+ hours per week for your study, which may be difficult for some students to schedule.

DataQuest lets you learn at your own speed. We found that the average student spends 5-10 hours a week on our platform, and can complete our data science curriculum in about 6 months.

Guidance and support

One of the main differences between the DataQuest and Springboard are in guidance. The environment assigns every special mentor student with whom they have weekly video calls 1: 1. If students want extra calls, this can be scheduled with other mentors.

Online reviews show that there can be a variance in the quality of the mentor-to-mentor, and that your experience in Springboard really depends on whether you set a quality mentor or not. (Unfortunately, students cannot choose which mentor assigned).

DataQuest does not provide 1: 1. Instead, we have a vibrant online community where you can seek support and encouragement from your colleagues, data scientists, the DataQuest community moderator, and the DataQuest success team.