A Mini Guide to Performance Testing of An Application

A Mini Guide to Performance Testing of An Application

Testing in the software industry is a very important and tricky process. The accuracy of the results and procedures of testing place a lot of stakes over the performance of any software industry. The growth of a software firm depends on the results of these testing practices.

This article gives a complete guide of how a QA does performance testing of an application.  Continue reading to know more. 

Why do we need testing of various components in the software industry? 

Automation software testing services is needed to assess a company’s growth and estimate its position in the global market. The software industry estimates its growth based on its ranking in the market. 

Testing helps in understanding the need to improve any software system or component. It gives a reason for digital disruption and improves the existing system. 

Testing is the method of analysis of the possible missteps in the software developed and delivering the right output. It lets the developer know where the mistake has taken place and correct it.

Types of testing: 

Testing has different stages and variations that support the testing of every other individual part of a software. However, the type of software testing depends on the utility or application of the software. 

There are various types of software testing like Unit testing, automated testing, alpha testing, beta testing etc. These are used depending on the application that is to be tested and clarified. 

While using the above testing techniques, various tools are used to validate these testing principles. Out of the above testing methods, QA testing is widely used. 

What is QA Testing? 

QA testing stands for Quality Assurance testing. It is a testing technique used to assure the quality of any software product or approach used. 

Quality Assurance testing shows the highest possible quality of the software product that the customer is promised. The end product of a software enterprise is a costly game as the customers expect the highest quality of products from any software firm. 

There are various tools used in assessing the quality of a software product. However, the QA test also reveals the performance efficiency of any application developed by software. This is beneficial as there can be alternate changes done on the product in future.  

Relation between QA and performance testing: 

QA testing determines the highest possible quality of the software product developed by any software firm. However, it also delivers the overall performance report of the software developed by the firm. 

Performance testing is an essential part as the performance of any software product determines its efficiency in building up the software firm and the company. 

QA testing has a few parameters that evaluate the performance of the software along with the quality. This performance parameter will help determine the possible flaws and betterments increase the quality of the software. 

In the present generation, the QA testing methods are overtaken by performance testing. This evolution is a crucial step to technically upgrading engineers as the earlier methods are way too unconventional. Shifting to performance testing is the new normal for all the QA testers. 

How does a QA do performance testing of an application?

QA testing methodologies are now the old methods of testing the quality. The practice of performance testing is increasingly used to determine the performance of the software utilities used and developed. 

Shifting the QA testers to a performance testing environment requires some knowledge transfer regarding the updated practice of agile methodology. 

The current software practises are updating to agile methodologies in framing the software cycle and developing the products. The performance test is the evaluation of probable flaws in the performance of the software developed. 

The importance of catching the flaws in the software developed is to evaluate the performance of the software product. The flaws that are created result in the biggest threats to the performance evaluation of the software product.  

The knowledge and technique of analysing the probable flaws and drawing the testing techniques is the key to winning in the application performance testing practice. Being a QA engineer, there would be enough experience and knowledge in drafting the testing cases to apply. Drafting the right test cases is the way to exceed in the testing process.  


Performance testing is the new normal to several software products and practitioners. The traditional QA testing practises upgraded with performance testing techniques. Learning to adhere to the new technologies will be a cakewalk in understanding and implementing performance testing.