7 Best Employee Engagement Tools

7 Best Employee Engagement Tools

Over 71% of the organizations in the world think people or employee analytics are a priority, and almost 31% of them believe that it is of high priority. However, to understand these analytics, an organization needs to have excellent employee engagement software

Here is a list of the 7 best Employee engagement software that an organization can utilize to generate their employee analytics. 


CultureAmp is a comprehensive employee engagement suite that includes everything from engagement and performance management to education and coaching. It’s a tried-and-true solution for any firm trying to enhance engagement effort. The software has over 3000 customers that include some notable names across numerous industries.


15Five has been in business since 2011 and has over 2,000 customers that use its performance management suite to determine what motivates their staff and how to implement this knowledge into performance appraisal. 

The product is so simple to set up that they didn’t even have a sales crew for the first six years of operation. Spotify, Hubspot, and Capital One are among its customers.


Motivosity is a four-in-one product. Their platform enables communication with employees, allows the organization to learn about their performance factors, and recognizes them for a job well done. The fascinating thing about Motivosity is that it can be used by both employees as well as supervisors. The technology enables peer-to-peer acknowledgment, ensuring that everyone’s feedback is recognized.


eloomi’s employee engagement tool includes a simple survey to collect employee feedback via multiple-choice, sliding scale and other questions. Employees can provide feedback in the form of anonymous or non-anonymous responses.

When their LMS is combined with engagement, an organization can automatically send surveys related to specific learning modules.  Companies can also immediately send an engagement survey to ensure that employees understand their role in the firm.


Trakstar is a platform that is fully integrated for performance, employee engagement, recruiting, and learning. 

It contributes to creating a culture of constant feedback by providing a performance management tool that is adaptable to the firm’s demands. Moreover, it provides an excellent user experience. 

It also supports training and development through efficient learning management, adapts to microlearning methods, and offers extensive reporting to guarantee compliance.


Tinypulse’s employee engagement software helps managers gain a comprehensive insight into their organization in order to reduce unexpected staff departures, create the ideal culture, and boost performance. Microsoft, the Red Sox, Nike, and many other organizations employ their solution.


Kudos is a business social network and employee recognition system that enables managers and employees to recognize one another. Kudos, as a Software-as-a-Service solution, is expandable and versatile, making it suitable for businesses of all sizes. 

Kudos is a peer-to-peer recognition system intended to engage teams by improving communication, collaboration, appreciation, and timely acknowledgment. Kudos can also be utilized to improve company communication and obtain a better understanding of their people and culture.

Final Notes

Employee engagement software is a necessity of the time. An increasing number of organizations prioritize enhancing company culture by monitoring performance, allowing feedback, and peer-to-peer interaction. 

This article lists only seven of the hundreds of different types of employee engagement tools available on the market right now.

The choice to be made by the different organizations has to depend on the requirements and existing company culture.