Tips For Getting A Good Night’s Sleep

Tips For Getting A Good Night’s Sleep

Avoid Watching The Clock 

Watching your clock is one of the worst things that you can do when you are having a hard time falling asleep or staying asleep. Watching the hours, minutes, or seconds tick by while you are wide awake can cause lots of anxiety and that will not help you get to sleep. Avoid watching the clock no matter what. Turn your clock around so that you are unable to see what time it is. Do something productive instead to help pass the time and help you get to sleep. Drink a cup of warm milk or decaf tea, get and do light chores around your house, or read a book. Anything that will help you pass the time and distract you can be helpful when you are unable to fall asleep

Ease Your Lower Back Pain By Using Pillows 

People with lower back pain frequently have a hard time sleeping. There was one study conducted with individuals who had chronic or acute low back pain. The two groups both reported equal problems with their sleep quality. Rest disturbance was not associated with pain level. If you suffer from back pain, try to sleep on your side to help reduce the amount of pressure placed on the lower part of your back. Put a pillow in between your knees. This will help to ensure your hips are aligned to reduce your lower back strain further. Be sure to have a supportive mattress so your back pain is not aggravated. When getting in and out of bed, to keep your back protected, swing both of your legs together and do not bend at the waist. 

Your Neck Should Be Kept In a Neutral Position 

One of the most common reasons why many individuals have difficulties falling asleep is neck pain. Maintaining the right posture can help to reduce the chances of developing pain and it can help you sleep better. Your neck should be kept in a neutral position. This means that your nose should be lined up with the middle of your body. Make sure to have a pillow that is the correct height to help your neck stay in a neutral position. If your pillow is too high your neck will bend too far forward. If your pillow is too low then your neck will bend too far backward. Good options are a memory foam or feather pillow that will mold to the shape of your neck and head. Try not to sleep on your stomach. In this position, your head will be turned to the side and that can place pressure on the nerves and cause pain according to


Allergy-Proof Your Blankets and Mattress 

Allergies interfere with being able to get a sufficient amount of sleep. Allergy symptoms include coughing, sniffing, and sneezing Many individuals with allergies and stuffiness snore. To help keep your allergies under control, keep your bedroom free of allergens. One common allergen that is often found in bedding is dust mites. To help minimize dust mites exposure, encase your pillows, box spring, and mattress in dust-mite-proof zippered covers. Be sure to use hypoallergenic covers that are made out of microfibers to help stunt the growth of dust mites, mildew, and mold. Find the best Black Friday mattress deals and consider investing in a new mattress. Change your bedding frequently, at least once a week, and be sure to wash them in water at 130 degrees Fahrenheit at least to kill the dust mites. Your pets should be kept out of our bedroom to help minimize being exposed to cat and dog danger and fur.  

Only Use Your Bed For Sex And Sleep 

If you have difficulties sleeping, get out of bed and perform some light tasks or another activity around your house until you feel sleepy. Declutter a drawer or closet or so dishes. Your bedroom should only be used for sex and sleep. If you use your computer, watch TV, read, or work while you are in bed, it might stimulate you too much to fall asleep. Your computer and TV should be kept out of your bedroom. What you want if for your mind and body to associate your bedroom with is relaxation and sleep. Another useful tip is to keep your room cool. That will help to improve the quality of your sleep.