Things You Need to Know Before Going to Universal Studios Singapore

Everyone in Singapore knows Universal Studios Singapore as one of the top family attractions in Singapore during holidays or weekends. Not to mention, during weekdays, this 20 hectares place is being visited by many people that want to release their stress after the hectic days. Universal Studio Singapore is known as the first and only Hollywood movie theme park in Southeast Asia. Specifically, Universal Studio Singapore’s location within Resorts World Sentosa on Sentosa Island, which features 28 rides, shows, and attractions in seven different themed zones.

Visiting Universal Studio Singapore may be one of the most outstanding options you have ever had. It provides several themed zones to explore, including Hollywood, Madagascar, The Lost World, Sci-Fi City, Far Far Away, Ancient Egypt, and New York. Each zone includes different themed rides, restaurants, shows, and many exciting things you can find that can make your holiday with your family become more special. If you have any plan to bring your families or your loved ones to Universal Studio Singapore, in that case, these are tips and tricks you might need to know before entering Universal Studio Singapore. You can find USS tickets online in Traveloka Lifestyle SuperApp through the official website or Playstore and Appstore from your smartphone.

Buy Tickets Online

Universal Studios Singapore can be so full of people during the holidays or weekend time. Being trapped in the queue might waste your precious time with your family or beloved ones. Indeed, you do not want this to happen. You might love the idea of buying the tickets online to save your time. Besides, you could save your money around 10% by purchasing tickets online rather than buying tickets offline.

Suppose you plan to visit Universal Studio Singapore a couple of times a year. In that case, you might like to use Universal Studios Singapore Annual Pass to buy tickets more than three times a year. You can use Universal Studios Singapore Season Pass to visit twice six months to get cheaper ticket prices.

To find instant tickets to Universal Studios Singapore, kindly check it through Traveloka Lifestyle SuperApp, a platform, and application that provides tickets online to Universal Studios Singapore.

How to Choose the Right Time to Visit Universal Studios Singapore

People who visit Universal Studios Singapore are not only from locals or neighborhood countries. However, it includes people around the world! Deciding the right time for Universal Studios Singapore might avoid you from the crowd.

One of the scenarios you can use by using the Universal Studios Singapore express pass to buy the tickets online. You can also avoid the school holidays, public holidays, or weekends to Universal Studios Singapore since these times are the most crowded. To get the best experience and well-spent your time with the families, come and get early to Universal Studios Singapore.

Others Essential Tips to Know

Since Singapore is a tropical country with hot and humid weather all year round, therefore, it’s better to wear light and comfortable clothes with natural fabric to avoid the body from sweating. Wear shorts and t-shirts with casual shoes to make your body more relaxed. You can also bring another piece of clothes as change since in some arena games you will get wet because there are water fountains. To avoid moments that you do not want to happen, wear sunscreen to cover your skin from the sunburn, bring bottles, an umbrella, and a raincoat.