How to Choose the Best Student Cities in the UK? A Brief Guide

How to Choose the Best Student Cities in the UK? A Brief Guide

Studying abroad is a beautiful adventure that can teach you a lot about yourself, the world around you, other people, cultures and perspectives. Apart from improving your language skills and opening the door to a better future, you also have a chance to explore unique locations and expand your horizons. What are the best student cities in the UK and how to make a decision you won’t regret?

Top student cities in the UK – a brief guide

Wondering which student city in the UK should you choose? Below you can see a list of aspects that need to be analyzed to help you make a responsible decision.

1.   Location

Although this point may seem obvious, just think about your preferred location and budget. If you want to study at low costs, it may turn out that prestigious universities in popular cities like London or Manchester may not be the right fit for you. Do thorough research to analyze expected expenses and choose a place that meets your requirements and budget goals.

Personality is also important here. If you’re an extrovert who loves going to parties and spending time with people, a university in a small city will only make you feel miserable. Start with choosing your priorities.

2.   Student facilities

Again, think about your expectations. If you want to take advantage of a number of attractions, facilities and discounts for students, go for more prestigious cities like Glasgow or Edinburgh. Choosing these locations is a guarantee that you’ll be satisfied with the amount and quality of offered curricular activities, student spots and programs.

3.   Surroundings and tourist attractions

What places and tourist attractions are on your bucket list? If you know that a specific area or country part is a place where you’ll feel comfortable, maybe it’s worth finding a university there? If you’ve lived in a small city your entire life, studying in London may be extremely overwhelming. Nevertheless, if you want to experience the vibrant life and cultural diversity, this location will be perfect for you. Once again, analyze your needs and requirements. It’s the recipe to make a responsible decision.

Best student cities in the UK – the takeaway

Every person who decides to learn in the UK probably has their own best student city. To make the right decision you won’t forget, determine your personality type and factors that are important to you. There is no one good city or choice. It’s worth keeping in mind that solutions which worked for someone else don’t have to work for you.

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