Emailing in China: The One Thing You Need to Know

Emailing in China: The One Thing You Need to Know

It’s obvious that emailing has become a fairly essential marketing tool. Email marketing enables businesses to build up a relationship with their customers (which has proven to be effective in this country), as well as enable customers to provide valuable feedback to the brand. Emailing is one of the main ways in which we communicate with other people, and by 2020 we’re predicted to be using at least 35 trillion emails in our lives! But there’s a problem.

China is very different from the rest of the world. With the cultural differences, emailing can be a tricky business. At Young Entrepreneur Council, we’re very concerned about this issue and wanted to pass some advice our way to you.


My first advice is to have open communication with your China clients.

Emailing best practices

When to check a message is delivered

Getting back to someone who has checked their email

When to validate a message

How to deal with international message delivery issues

The sender’s process

Measuring success with email marketing

It was a great informative blog, for people interested in optimizing their email marketing campaigns. If you also want to know more about how to email marketing in China, I recommend this article: How to get paid to learn Chinese: The quickest way to a job in China

This also includes a free guide to finding a Chinese speaking partner, so that you can learn Chinese while working.

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How to get started with emailing in China

Where to start when trying to grow a business in China

Practical tips from the experts

Sugarfina’s Gift

In conversation with Nancy

Nancy Lamis from Sugarfina has been working with Sugarfina for over a year and a half.

Sugarfina sells luxury gifting. Sugarfina is described as a premium candy boutique. They make all of their candy in-house. Each product is hand-carved in fine Belgian chocolate, ensuring no two candies are alike.

Sugarfina is currently ranked number 47 in the 2019 Fortune list of the World’s Most Admired Companies.

Nancy is responsible for all public relations, as well as media relations, external communications and licensing.


As you may already know, China is a wonderful country for global brands. Here are some of the reasons why. However, it’s a rather cumbersome and complex market, so read this for you to help you understand. After reading it, you’ll not only understand the reason why you should open a China store, but also how to succeed in this industry.

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Written by Samuel Lin and Jon Lane.

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