Cushion Cover – Types Of Fabrics Used For Manufacturing Long-Lasting Ones

Cushion Cover – Types Of Fabrics Used For Manufacturing Long-Lasting Ones

To protect the color and body of your pillows and cushions cover, you have thought of investing in the covers. You will be bombarded with so many options while looking for the best covers in town. There are various fabrics available and you need to choose the best one among the lot. Some cushions have zippers on them for easy usability, and others will have knots in the end.

No matter whatever style or textured cushion cover you are planning to choose, it must be able to last for a longer span of time. For that, focusing on the fabric materials is the main point of consideration. Well, you need not have to worry about it much and let the points listed below help you to make the right choice.

The perfect mix of cotton and linen:

Cotton and linen are considered to be the most commonly used fabric materials used for manufacturing cushion covers. These two materials are not just hard wearing but also washable.

  • These are mainly considered as natural fibers and will be the right choices for people with sensitive skin. 
  • As these are considered as natural fibers, they will have cool touch and will be great choices for the sultry hot summer months.
  • There are times when linen might wrinkle or crease. So, these covers should not be used for thee main sofa or any chair, which is used by the family frequently.
  • These fabrics are widely used outdoors where they are not exposed to any of the other elements. But, these materials might get a bit affected by color fading or sun bleaching if kept outside under direct sunlight for too long.

Great use of canvas material:

For some of the best choices of fabric to use for outdoor furniture, the canvas is one stronger version of cotton fabric. It is weather-resistant in nature and will be also hard wearing.

  • Now, you must be wondering why people are using canvas fabric more. It is because of its waterproof nature.
  • It is one promising choice if you reside anywhere with unpleasant weather conditions like snowy, icy, cold, wet, freezing and more.
  • You can now get the fabric in various amazing colorful options, which will enhance the feel and look of your home décor.

Wool or silk:

If you are using cushions for decorating bedrooms or hallways, you can try wool or silk materials for that luxurious touch. Silk is the most luxurious option and considered to be expensive. It needs proper care if you want to use the material for lifetime.

On the other hand, you have wool made using animal hair like goat or sheet. The hair is then spun into yarns, which will create strong yet soft fabric. Wool can also be a costly affair to address.

Focus on the rates:

Make sure to focus on the rates and then the durability of the fabrics before selecting the right material for cushion covers. It takes time for the best purchase but is worth the wait!