10 Packaging Design Pro-tips from Industry Experts

10 Packaging Design Pro-tips from Industry Experts

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Have you ever thought about why a McDonald’s Happy Meal attracts children more than a regular meal? Some products catch our attention instantly, while some are lost in the crowd. Some earn our valuable feedback, while some earn bad reviews. The answer lies in the packaging. Packaging keeps the product organized. Whether it’s a packet for your favorite chips, a basket for your dirty laundry or the bottle that holds the delicious liquid particles of your drink together, your packaging can difference between a potential customer choosing your product from the shelf or your competitors, thus it needs to be done right. 

If the packaging sits right, all else will too. This is why many firms offer custom packaging services to gain customer loyalty and strengthen their customer base. 

Since packaging design is such a fundamental factor for a firm, let’s discuss some pro-tips to win your customer for life!

Know Your Customer.

The foundation for every step in marketing is to know your target audience; only then will you take the packaging design in the right direction. 

Ask yourself, ‘who is my customer?’ 

This is the basis of all the other tips that will mention. In simple words, it’s known as Customer Persona.

Customer Persona is an assumed, generalized description of your potential or ideal customer. Having a deep insight into your target audience shall impact any decision the firm takes about the product: the custom packaging, packaging design, marketing strategy, custom box packaging level, you name it. So do your homework and identify your market. 

Display Your Products Prominently

Often companies beautify their products, show how compatible it is or how good it tastes. But, instead, focus on how it benefits the customer. That’s where the real marketing power is. 

Does it make them feel healthier, prettier, and younger? Don’t just work on the exterior; go into the depth of their desires and preferences and then combine that into your packaging through content or imagery. This will help you create custom boxes for them that they may enjoy.

Consider Several Designs.

For the packaging to be on point, try out different styles. It would help if you broadened your horizons. What is required is objectivity, so print out multiple designs and set them next to each other. Create various custom box packaging, Judge for yourself which one stands out and which one catches the attention instantly. Test, test, and test!

Look at your competitor.

Which of your competitor will your product be sitting next to? This is one of the most important questions that you need to ask yourself and consider. Having a competitor whose custom printed boxes are well designed and attractive can put you in a difficult position. Hence, researching where your product is going to be placed helps you to decide how you are going to go about your custom box packaging. 

Custom box packaging- Plastic or Paper.

What material to use for your packaging? A question that is extremely essential in the 21st century. With increased environmental awareness, people prefer buying from firms that focus on using bio-degradable material to pack their products.

Custom boxes the UK have strict policies that make it mandatory for businesses to use greener boxes for their respective products. From plastic to paper, only eco-friendly material is used for packing.

Unique Packaging.

It is recommended to be as creative as possible when it comes to packing your product. However, what needs to be borne in mind is that the shape and type of packaging should not be too unique to an extent that it is difficult to place it on a shelf in a market. Therefore, these points need to be looked upon before creating custom box designs.

So focus on creating a unique packaging design yet practical packing that is secure. Professionals can help in creating the best packaging design. Work on it and it will serve a long way.

Matching designs.

If you have related products, having similar color themes or designs will help boost your sales.

Having a consistent look across all your products on the shelf will provide increases attention to your product on the shelf.

Sometimes a signature design or look can do wonders. It helps consumers to easily recognize the brand, it may create using a brand logo, colors, or a tag line.

Shopper Experience.

Your customer needs to find all the relevant information on the product as well. Where it’s made, ingredients, expiry date, etc. Moreover, you need to create an experience for the shopper. This means you will have to strategize whether your customers can touch your packaging and whether the shopkeepers can open up your product for display. All these questions need to be analyzed before designing.

Choice of Colors.

Colors play an important role in marketing as they change people’s behaviors. When you are packing up your product, ensure that you add vibrant and attractive colors that make your product stand out. Therefore, research and plan!

Use limited words.

Too much information on the packet is always a killer. Therefore, use pictures or limited content to inform customers as to how to use your product.

You need to remember that you are targeting clarity and therefore, being to the point is essential for you so that you are able to grab customer attention.