Why Do Headphones Hurt My Ears?

Do your headphones hurt your ears?

If you’re one of those people who struggles daily with uncomfortable headphones, worry no more! Ear salvation is now on the way. In this guide, we listed down different scenarios that may cause ear pain from headphones and provided tips to solve these problems. Let’s get started!

Why Do Headphones Hurt My Ears?


As a result of some common mistakes users make when using headphones, they suffer from aches, pains, itching, or some other discomfort. The solutions are quite simple! Let’s discuss the reasons why your headphones hurt your ears and the tips to solve these irritating problems one by one.

1. Poor Fit

Wearing the headphones too tightly or for a long time might cause skin irritation, which can lead to itchiness, bleeding, and general discomfort. This is especially true if you are using devices that offer sound quality superior to others on the market and can irritate your pinna tissues and lead to pain in and around your ears. Some ears may also be more sensitive to the headphone’s ear pad material than others. If this is the case for you, it’s important to take frequent breaks to give your ears a rest.

Other types of headphones that do not leak sound may also be worth considering; they not only fit well but also help to reduce sound leakage.

2. Loud Sound

We all love listening to our favorite music loudly, but did you know that doing this for too long can be dangerous for your hearing? Your ears may be hurting as a result of loud volume. When volume levels are high – especially at or above the danger threshold of 85 decibels – there’s a risk of hearing loss, both temporary and permanent. Additionally, tinnitus can arise from them as well, resulting in ringing, buzzing, and aching ears. Therefore, you should ensure that the sound of the music you are listening to or the volume of the video you are watching should never be too loud. 

3. Earpads

Most of us wear headphones every day. You may even have a favorite set of headphones that you’ve been wearing for years without ever cleaning or replacing the ear pads. This would put any germaphobe on red alert, but when it comes to headphone safety, microbes aren’t the only thing you need to worry about.

Headphones can have a significant impact on your well-being, both good and bad. We’ve compiled all the health risks you should be aware of when purchasing new headphones or wearing them daily. The most obvious risk associated with using headphones is noise pollution. When listening to music at high volumes, you can damage your hearing over time. The earpads can cause hearing loss because when you have something that acts as ears blocking out sound, it’s easier for the volume to go up without you realizing it.

Moreover, if you’re using your phone to watch a video or listen to music, the volume on the phone can be even louder than what you’re listening to or watching. Consequently, when you use headphones keep the volume as low as possible or remove the earbuds for an extended period to minimize the discomfort.

4. Improper Use of Headphone

Headphones are a great way to listen to your favorite music and podcasts, but if you’re not using them correctly, you could be doing more harm than good. Here are some tips on how to wear your headphones the right way:

First, make sure that the headphones are properly fitted to your head. Second, the ear cups should be sitting gently against your ears, without applying too much pressure. Third, make sure the band is loose enough so that it doesn’t put too much pressure on your head and is comfortable enough to wear for long periods.

Fourth, adjust the volume level appropriately.

Next, remove the jewelry from your ears if you are wearing any.

Finally, you can listen to your favorite music or watch your favorite videos.

5. Ear Cups with Thin Padding

One of the main problems people experience with headphones is that the ear cup padding is too shallow. This lack of sufficient support can end up hurting your ear cartilage because headphone drivers tend to press against them, which can be painful and uncomfortable over time.

In worse cases, this may also lead to scratches and skin inflammation. So what can you do to rectify the problem? The solution is to try a different style of headphones that has deeper ear cup padding, like on-ear headphones or you can also try adding some extra satta matka to your current headphones.


Hopefully, by now, you have a better understanding of why your headphones might be hurting your ears. While it is admittedly difficult to find a pair of headphones that are perfectly comfortable for everyone, there are ways to lessen the likelihood of experiencing discomfort. Also, be mindful of the type of music you’re listening to because the music that is too loud can cause damage to your ears. Additionally, if you are a teenage girl who loves to fulfill her teenage desire of getting the best headphones for teenage girls with super cool designs can have it with a single click.