Top 5 Best Demat Account in India

Top 5 Best Demat Account in India

Before investing in the stock market you have a Demat account to buy and sell of stocks. But there are over 100+ demat accounts in the market. Choosing a best demat account is typical task. So for this we mention top 5 best demat account in India according to their number of clients, service offered. Choose the best out of them and start investing in the stock market.

Here is top 5 best Demat Account in India –


Zerodha Is The Largest And Most Trusted Discount Broker in terms of active clients of 35 Lakh+. The Biggest Reason For Zeroda’s Success Is Its Customer Support Which Is Superior To All Other Discount Brokers. Zerodha Charges A Brokerage Fee Of 0.01% Or Less Than Rs 20 Per Executed Order. If You Trade At High Volume, You Can Save Up To 90% Compared To Other Full-Service Brokers. Zerodha also offers free stock delievery.

Zerodha offers Zerodha kite,that makes your experience smooth in stock market.  


Upstox is among the top Discount broker in India providing the low brokerage charges in India. Upstox have a fixed fee of Rs. 20 for each trade for intraday trading, regardless of volume, and they offer no-cost stock distribution. You will save a substantial amount when compared to full service brokers. You’ll get the fastest and most reliable trading platform online in India by using Upstox, which has become the primary necessity for trading.

Upstox offers a free 30-day trial of no-cost brokerage for open accounts for new customers. It is possible to trade at no cost for the following 30 days, and without having to pay a penny.

5 Paisa

5Paisa offers lowest brokerage fees of 10 rupees per trade for Platinum as well as Titanium plans. 5Paisa is the also best low discount broker in India. 

You can make use of the 5paisa mobile application for trading. 5paisa’s mobile application is the most popular mobile application in India with regards to ease of accessibility, user-friendly experience, and speed.

After you have submitted all the required documents and after submitting all the documents, your 5Paisa accounts will open that same day. If you’re seeking for an affordable broker Demat account, go with 5paisa.


Angel Broking

Angel Broking Is One Of The Oldest Brokerage Companies In India With Network Branches In Over 900 Cities. Presently, Angel Broking is serving more than 10 lakh+ customers. Angel Broking has launched the flat-rate brokerage service “Angel iTrade Prime. The delivery service is free.They also offer a set price of $20 for each trade in any other sector, including intraday, foreign exchange and commodities and currencies.

Angel Broking’s Customer Care Service Is Up To The Mark. I Recommend Angel Broking Only If Your Aadhaar Card Is Linked To Your Mobile Number



Sharekhan is a top online brokerage company that has customers of more than 1.2 million. It currently has over 1800 offices across over 550 cities.
Sharekhan Account Account Charge
Trading account opening fee – zero
Demat account opening fee – zero
Annual Maintenance Fee: Up to 700 (Depending on the balance)