Local Link Building Techniques You Must Follow

Local Link Building Techniques You Must Follow

There are many ways to build backlinks for your website. For example, you can build backlinks from guest posts, blog comments and social media profiles etc. Anyhow, local link building is slightly different. If you want to build local links, you should get links from your local service area. For example, you can get local backlinks from the newspapers and local business directories etc. When you will build local backlinks, you can promote your business in the local area. You can also make connections with the local community. Here, we will discuss local link building techniques that you must follow.

Create Social Media Profiles:

It is the first and the most important local link building strategy. By using this technique, you will have to find different ways to connect with your customers outside of your website. Moreover, SEO professionals consider it one of the best ways to create backlinks. For example, you can create backlinks by establishing your profiles on Facebook, Google My Business and Instagram etc. These websites have high domain authority. Therefore, these backlinks will strengthen your profile. By using social media profiles, you can also provide information about the features of your website. Google can verify this information from these profiles. While creating backlinks from the social media profiles, you will have to show an active presence on these profiles.

Use Local Business Directories:

You can also find lots of local business directories. When you will provide complete information about your business on these directories, you can get links from the high authority websites. You can easily find these directories for local link building by showing interaction in your community. The main focus of the local business directories is on the specific businesses or services. To find these directories, you can use advanced search techniques. Anyhow, you should return to more specific results. For the simplification of these results, you can use the free Advance Search tool of Google. After refining the results, you should select such directories that are receiving decent traffic. Moreover, you should also align these directories with your business.

Find Industry-Specific Directories:

By finding industry-specific directories, you can also get local link building chances. It is the best way to create industry-specific and niche-specific backlinks for your website. You can easily align these directories with your business. Moreover, you can also feature the information on your website. It is also the best way to drive local traffic to your website. Moreover, it has become a great source for pre-qualified leads. Here, you can also make use of Google’s Advanced Search tool. While finding these directories, you should also make sure that these industries should align with your business.

Get Links from Local Newspapers and Forums:

If you are working on local link building for your website, you will have to use the manual outreach technique. To promote your business in your area, you should reach out to local newspapers and forums. It is the best way to promote your business in your local community. While following this process, you can also earn some quality backlinks. To find these newspapers and forums, you can still use Google’s Advance search tool. After finding the local newspapers and forums, you should try to align its content with your website.

Find Sponsorship Opportunities:

Finding sponsorship opportunities is also an essential local link building strategy to grow the visibility of your business in your community. You can use this technique only if it provides some value to your business. Here, you can also find endless options. For example, you can get links by taking part in charities, events and by becoming suppliers. No doubt, these local business websites get a limited amount of traffic. They have low domain authority. Therefore, you can’t expect a huge boost in the ranking of your website by getting links from this technique.

Get Access to Local Bloggers and Influencers:

Recommended by a dissertation help firm, you should find out local bloggers and influencers relevant to the niche of your website. After finding them, you can use them for local link building. You can also use them to feature your business. This is the best way to seek some sort of perk in the business. The local bloggers and influencers have lots of followers. When you will use them to build local links, you can also enhance the visibility of your website. As a result, you can reach potential customers. This is also the best technique to increase leads for your business.

Get Relevant Link Building Opportunities by Monitoring Competitor’s Backlinks:

Now, you will have to monitor the gap in your local link building profile. No doubt, you will have to spend enough time and effort on this strategy. To make this process easy, you can use various tools like Ahrefs and SEMrush etc. By using these tools, you can easily plug into the websites of your competitors. As a result, you can easily see their backlinking profile. Now, you will have to find the overlap. This overlap will provide an idea about the gap in your backlinking profile. By creating similar links, you can easily beat the competitors.

Find Broken Links and Provide Updated Content:

To find broken links is also an essential local link building technique that you can use by using a tool like Ahrefs. By using this tool, you can easily find out the broken links of your competitors. After finding their links, you should contact the owners of the websites. You should offer them similar pages to fix these broken links. In some cases, you can create updated content for your website. You can also offer this updated content for link building. You should ask them that their content is outdated and it doesn’t provide value to the website. They can replace it with the updated content of your website.


If you want to enhance the ranking of your local business, you will have to use local link building techniques. Local link building techniques are more specific techniques than standard techniques. To get local links, first of all, you should create social media profiles. After that, you can create links by finding local and industry-specific directories. The local newspapers and forums are also the best places to create local links. We can also create local links by finding some sponsorship opportunities. You can also find some link building opportunities by monitoring the backlinking profiles of your competitors.