How Much Does it Cost to Build a Unique Fantasy Sports App?

How Much Does it Cost to Build a Unique Fantasy Sports App?

The global online fantasy sports market is expected to grow from $20.4 billion in 2020 to $86.3 billion by 2025. 

This shows the growing popularity of fantasy sports worldwide. There are millions of people who love playing fantasy sports and are keen to embrace new games. Thus, your decision to build a fantasy sports application is worthwhile. You can draw millions of users to your app and get enormous success with it. However, before starting working on your idea, you must have a profound understanding of fantasy sports app development

You need to study the overall aspects essential for building a powerful fantasy sports app. The first thing you need to know is the development cost and accordingly, plan your budget. Especially if you are working on a unique idea, you must plan the budget precisely. In this, we will help you understand the cost estimation of a fantasy sports app so that you can spend wisely and make the most out of your investment. 

There are plenty of aspects influencing the development cost for a fantasy app. The first thing is the features you want to offer with your app. Let’s see some crucial features that you must consider when planning the budget for your app. 

Key Features of Fantasy Sports App 

User Panel 

  • Sign up or Registration

User registration is essential in order to ensure better security and confidentiality. But the sign-up process should be easy and quick. Allow users to sign-up with their social media account and get started quickly. 

  • Leaderboards

With a live leaderboard, users can check players’ information, performance, score, and other match details. 

  • Join Contest

Allow players to join existing contests. 

  • Social Media Integration 

Let users invite their friends and family on social media platforms to join the contest and play along with it. Players can also share their victory, game updates, and more with their social media account. 

  • Achievement Badges

Offer certain rewards to the users on their game achievements. This will help increase user engagement and build a loyal user base. 

  • Easy App Onboarding 

When building a fantasy sports app, you must emphasize easy app onboarding. There should not be complicated forms or navigation that may confuse users and make them leave the app. You can also add a navigation guide to simplify the user’s journey. 

  • Intuitive yet Attractive UI 

The user interface of your fantasy sports app should be user-friendly, yet highly attractive so that it can retain maximum users.  

  •  Live Chat

The live chat feature allows players to communicate with opponents or friends during the gameplay. This feature adds the next level of fun to your app and keeps users engaged for a long time. 

Admin Panel 

  • Admin Login

Admin needs to login to access the app data. 

  • Manage Results 

Admin can track and manage the results of all matches to ensure fair gameplay. 

  • Bonus Cash Management

Allow admin to manage all bonus points allocated to the players.

  • Manage Game Category

If your app covers multiple games, the admin should be able to manage them all seamlessly. 

  • Notifications Management

Admin can send push notifications to the users to inform them about the latest game updates. 

  • Transaction Management

Allow admin to track transactions made by users and manage all the payment details. 

Creating a fantasy sports app with basic features may cost you around $12000-

$14000 while an app with advanced features may cost you more. 

Now, let’s see other crucial aspects affecting the cost. 

Hiring Professionals 

It requires good technical expertise and enough experience to build a high-performing fantasy app. Thus, hiring professional developers is an intelligent decision. You can either hire freelance fantasy sports app developers or reach out to an agency. Freelancers may cost you less. However, to get the highest-quality app development service, you must choose a trusted company.   

Location of the Developers 

Developers or agencies in different countries will have different charges for fantasy sports platform development. While developers in Asian countries may charge $15-$20 per hour, developers in Western Countries will charge around $30-$40 per hour. 

App Platform

Your choice of app platform will also affect the development cost. For instance, creating a fantasy app for Android may cost you less than an iOS app. Also, if you wish to build a hybrid app, be ready to pay a little extra. 

Design Complexity

The cost will also increase If you want to add high-definition graphics or use advanced design components. However, with a quality UI design, you can offer an enhanced user experience. 

Advanced Technology Integration

Advanced technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Internet of Things, Augmented Reality, and Virtual Reality can add up to the development cost. However, this helps you take the user experience to the next level and attract more users. 

Overall, the cost will vary depending on your specific choices and requirements about design, features, platform, and other aspects. Still, the estimated cost to develop a fantasy sports app will be between $20000 – $24000, for a single sport. If you want multiple sports, be ready to pay an additional $8000 – $10000. 

In Conclusion

The development cost may seem extravagant. However, when chosen by the right fantasy sports app development company or developers, you can get excellent outcomes on your investment.