Best time to take mass gainer for best results

Best time to take mass gainer for best results

As fitness moves up, many people try hard either to lose weight or gain weight in order to achieve the ideal body weight. But it has to be taken into account that not only is bodyweight fat but also a combination of muscles, bone weight, fat weight, and body water. In general, weight loss refers to a fat loss, whereas the gain in weight refers to more muscles and fat. As the name suggests, mass gains or weight gainers are helping you gain weight or mass. The standard weight gain principle is to eat more calories than you will burn. The body would not be able to gain any weight if it did not consume extra calories via proteins, carbohydrates, and fats (by diet and supplements). One important point to remember is that daily exercise, diet and supplements work simultaneously for both weight loss and weight gain, so it is crucial to select the right supplement to obtain the desired results. Read below to know more about it:

What does mass gainer do to your body?

BCAAs, glutamine, creatine, and vitamins are among the muscle-building enhancers found in mass gainers. The mass gainers provide additional calories and measured macronutrients like protein, carbs, and high-quality fats. These nutrients are responsible for differences in your strength, size, and stamina. A single serving of mass gainer contains between 350 and 1200 calories. And the amount of protein in each serving can range from 15 to 65 grams. Mass gainers are ideal for people who have an extremely fast metabolism and find it difficult to obtain calories even from high-calorie junk food. 

  • Mass gainers aid in the development of lean muscle mass.
  • They assist us in meeting the additional calorie requirement.
  • Mass gainers contain carbohydrates and proteins that have been specially formulated.
  • They are a good source of vitamins and minerals, which are necessary for our bodies to stay healthy and fit.
  • A high-quality mass gainer also contains fibers, which aid in digestion and prevent bloating. It should be noted that fibers are necessary for our bodies for cholesterol balance and digestion. A healthy stomach, of course, leads to a healthy workout.

Best time to take mass gainers

The whole point of using a mass gainer is to get extra calories at your convenience. As a result, the most important factor to consider is not the timing of mass gainer, but rather getting the necessary amount of calories and nutrients. You just need to pour 250 ml of milk or water into a blender or shaker, add a portion of the mass gainer, mix or shake for 15-20 seconds and you can immediately eat it. However, if properly used, a mass gainer will daily exercise, and diet will give you great results. Mass gainers can usually be taken whenever the day is concerned. Some of the important times are as follows:

  • Before breakfast: When you wake up after long hours of sleep, your body is nutritious and has become catabolic. When you take a mass gainer, you get plenty of calories along with protein and micronutrients to help your body move to the anabolic condition.
  • After training: Shortly after your intensive workout, your body has burnt more calories, and your metabolic rate increases, and nutrients are consumed more quickly. Taking a mass gainer now provides your body with the extra calories and protein you need to increase your body and maintain your muscle mass. 
  • Prior to going to bed: When you sleep at night, the body starts quickly and continues until the next morning, once again, you eat and quickly break. You can now take advantage of a mass gainer to enhance your body size.

How many times a day?

Again the nutritional value of the specific product you chose and your nutritional aims will depend on the amount you take in the supplement daily. Take a look at its calorie and macronutrient levels before starting with the supplement and then customize the diet accordingly. Ideally, 1 to 2 scoops are considered sufficiently good because the shake can be a bit thick and heavy on the stomach.

Things to consider before buying mass gainers

Carb-to-Protein Ratio

If you want to add more muscle, the right carbohydrate-protein ratio is required for your mass gainer in the ratio of 3:1. You want complex carbohydrates since they take longer to digest and you get a  steady source of energy for more intensive workouts. The protein-carbon ratio should differ from 1:3 to 1:5.

Digestive enzyme

Digestive enzymes reduce a mass gainer’s common adverse effects, such as unpleasant sensations such as bloating. They support the digestion process so that after taking the weight gainer you will not feel uncomfortable. In addition, digestive enzymes can help you take nutrients better and provide your body with the fuel that it needs for an intensive workout.

Sugar content

Adding sugar is one of the easiest ways to add calories to a weight gainer. The presence of more than 6g of sugar per 100g serving indicates that your mass gainer is a high sugar formulation. This means no added sugar or artificial flavors, colors or preservatives are added. All these will only damage your performance in the long term. You should pay for high-quality nutrients rather than sugar. As a result, before making a purchase, carefully read the label.

Fat content

Fats have twice or more calories per gram than protein and carbohydrates. Weight gainers with 1 to 2 g of saturated fat per serving are the best. Avoid mass gainers that contain more than 5g of fat calories per serving.


As the creatine builds up energies for those phenomenal lift sessions, so will the best mass gainers, like the Mass Gainer XXL. And anyone who wants to build muscle mass knows that building muscle mass is difficult without working hard. You have to challenge your limitations and creatine gives you the strength to achieve that.


It may be more difficult than you think to add significant muscle mass to your body. It’s because the high-quality protein source required for muscle growth is difficult to obtain. Read the label carefully to ensure that the weight gainer you use is the right one for you. Ensure that the supplement has the right amount of carbs, fats, and protein and is in the right ratio for your requirements. The combination of daily exercise and diet with the proper recommended amount of mass gainer will give you magical results.