How to get rid of water in minecraft ?

How to get rid of water in minecraft ?

Apart from lava, fire or invasion creepers, nothing in “Minecraft” can ruin your perfectly constructed project like a flood. If the conditions are right, water can overwhelm almost unlimited blocks in the game. Unlike lava which is much more dangerous, wasting too much water is usually harmless and shouldn’t cause too much trouble even for “Minecraft” to remove water in minecraft

◆ Steps to How to get rid of water in minecraft

Step 1: How to get rid of water in minecraft

Blocking water sources. The water that players place all flows from a single source block. Block one of the source blocks to stop the flow of water.

Step 2 : How to get rid of water in minecraft

Place the block into the water source block. This will not only stop the water from flowing, but also destroy the source block. Keep in mind that you can’t get a source block back once it’s been destroyed.

Step 3: How to get rid of water in minecraft

Craft a bucket by placing three iron bars in a “v” pattern on your crafting table. Right-click the water source block while holding the bucket. This will fetch the source block. By removing the water source block, you will remove all water flowing from it.

Step 4: How to get rid of water in minecraft

Block off the area of ​​water you want to drain, and then pick up each water block with a bucket or destroy each source block by placing a block on top of it. This is necessary to remove still water. How to get rid of water in minecraft

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◆ How to drain water in Minecraft ?

If the sea water is inverted when digging, you only need to block the place where the water slipped in with stones, and the water can be poured back.

There will be another situation, for example, you go to fetch water, and then you want to open the door on the way back, but you don’t pay attention to holding a bucket of water in your hand, and you suddenly pour water on the door. If this is the case, then the friends should hold the empty bucket and point to the place where the water is poured, that is, the source of the water, click and the bucket can collect the water.

Put magma into the water to turn it into cobblestone or obsidian, and then mine it.

how to remove water in minecraft Or use a sponge to soak up the water. These are all okay.

You can also use code pumping:

1. /setblock: Use the /setblock command to place the air block, and select an area to place the air block. This method cannot be done once and for all. The coordinates must be accurate and need to be used with a sponge. If the hand is disabled, the underwater palace may be gone.

2. /fill x1 y1 z1 x2 y2 z2 air 0 replace water; this is the idea of ​​using the /fill command to pump water, replacing all the water cubes in a certain area with air cubes. It should be regarded as the faster pumping method in Minecraft. Because there are many versions of Minecraft, the version number of the same platform is different, and the instructions have been greatly changed. So you can learn how to use the instructions of your current platform.

Of course, if the player knows how to use structure blocks and command blocks, they can also be used to pump water.

◆ How to get rid of water in minecraft without a sponge ?

● Speaking of drainage, “sponge”

Speaking of drainage, it would be a “sponge”. If you place a sponge, you can absorb up to 65 blocks of water within a range of 7 blocks around.

However, this “sponge” cannot be crafted on the workbench and can only be found in the sponge room inside the submarine temple.

Yes, as in my case this time, I can’t have a “sponge” while I’m thinking of exploring the inside of the submarine temple.

Speaking of draining water, it is a “sponge”, but I suffer from the dilemma of having to drain water in order to obtain that “sponge”.

● Simple and rational drainage item “sand” and how to remove water in minecraft

How to drain water without a “sponge”. It has no choice but to steadily fill the water flow and water source with other blocks.

So which block should be filled with water?

We recommend “sand”, which is easy to obtain, easy to break, and even falls. Especially when there is space underneath, I think it is important for drainage to fall and fill the gap firmly.

If even one water source remains, the water flow will spread over a wide area, so it is important to fill it up.

That’s why I get a lot of sand in the desert biome and work hard at night to drain the water inside.

General How to get rid of water in minecraft