How do I Reconnect the Linksys Extender to My Home Network?

How do I Reconnect the Linksys Extender to My Home Network?

Over time, 3 out of 5 users often face issues with their Linksys WiFi extender. Issues may range from slow and sluggish internet to worst WiFi connectivity. Well, in that case, it becomes necessary to reset the Linksys extender back to default factory settings and reconfigure it again. And for Linksys WiFi extender setup, there is a need to connect it to your home WiFi network.

Unfortunately, nearly 90 percent of the users get stuck while reconnecting their Linksys extender to the home WiFi network. Well, in that case, they need to follow the step-by-step instructions mentioned in this post in order to reconnect their Linksys extender to the home WiFi network.

Let’s dig a little deeper!

Steps to Reconnect Linksys WiFi Extender to the Home Network

You can easily establish a solid connection between your Linksys extender and router either using an Ethernet cable or in a wireless manner. Before initiating the process, there are a couple of points that you must bear in mind. They are:

Your Linksys extender and router must be placed in close proximity.

Both the devices must be placed at the center location in your home.

Avoid placing your Linksys extender and router in a corner or reach of the public WiFi network.

Now, let’s initiate the process of reconnecting your Linksys extender to your home WiFi, shall we?

Reconnect Your Linksys Extender to the Home Network Using an Ethernet Cable

  • First things first, plug your Linksys extender into a wall outlet that must be well working.
  • Power on your Linksys WiFi extender.
  • Grab an Ethernet cable and connect your Linksys extender and router with each other.

Congrats! Your Linksys extender is successfully connected to your home router. After completing this process, we suggest you change its default settings in order to avoid any kind of unauthorized access. To change the extender settings, follow the steps outlined underneath.

  • Turn on a PC or laptop and launch a web browser in it. Bear in mind that the web browser you are using must be up-to-date.
  • Hover your mouse cursor over the browser’s address bar and type the default Linksys extender IP address.
  • Press Enter to get redirected to the Linksys extender login page.
  • Fill in the default Linksys extender login password.
  • Click on Log In once you’re done.
  • Linksys WiFi setup page displays.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions and change the default settings of your Linksys extender without any hassle.

Here’s to hope that the tips given in this post will help you reconnect your Linksys extender to your home network. In the event that you are facing any issues while completing the process, don’t be pessimistic. Follow a few fixes highlighted below in order to troubleshoot the issue. Let’s dive in!

  • The Ethernet cable you are using must be well working.
  • The Linksys extender default IP address must not be entered with typos in the browser search bar.
  • The entire browsing history, unwanted tabs, and junk files must be cleared from your internet browser.
  • The Linksys extender default web address can also be used instead of the IP. Refer to the Linksys extender manual for detailed instructions about the web address.
  • On the off chance if the issue still persists, power cycle your Linksys extender once. Yes, you read it right! Sometimes, a simple reboot or restart is enough to make your Linksys WiFi range extender well working.
  • If you have change the default password at the time of Linksys extender setup, it will not work any longer. So, to get into the Linksys WiFi setup page, make sure to use the correct password.

Still the Same?

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