3 future-looking tools every smart electrician needs

3 future-looking tools every smart electrician needs

In uncertain times, good news can be rare.  Well, here’s some for the electricians, as well as those considering a future as a ‘sparky’: the road ahead is bright.  When it comes to the tradies, electricians are nudging ever closer to that coveted spot as the highest-paid of them all, ahead of carpenters, bricklayers, and even plumbers.  Even in our new covid-shaped world, the path ahead looks bright, with technology only speeding ahead to make life as an electrician even safer, easier, more lucrative and more productive.

But the electricians who will really stand ahead of the crowd know two things – that half of the job is problem solving, and the other half is thinking outside the box.  Luckily, though, that’s an awful lot easier if you know how to fill up that toolbox with simple, ingenious, time-saving, productivity-boosting tools that are more than fit for our new world in 2021 and far beyond:

1. Headlamp

You’ll find black and white photos of miners wearing headlamps, which is proof that they’re definitely not new.  But the 2021 range for electricians is much more than a torch strapped to your head.

Working in poor light is one of the biggest dangers for electricians, so a modern, rechargeable product is a must.  Make sure the one you pick can withstand a knock, dust and a splash, is fully adjustable, lightweight, and has plenty of light modes and intensities (look into the LED range).  Products with motion sensor technology get extra points, as do the ones with multiple hours of charge.

2. Multi-tool

An electrician’s toolbox and belt is always impressive – but what do they keep in their pocket at all times?  The smart ones will answer “a multi-tool” – and the latest ones will really make the sparkies smile, because they tick every box for handiness, portability, versatility and precision. 

Some such multi-tools actually deserve a better name – because they’re more like “super-tools”.  There’s no longer anything surprising about a single tool that is actually 20 tools in one, including multiple pliers, knives, wire cutters and strippers, screwdrivers – you name it.  

3. Clamp meter

But if there’s something that really gets the modern electrician excited, it has to be the latest range of clamp meters.  Measuring current used to be a serious job for the sparky, as they’d have to actually break into the circuit – with the obvious time and complexity cost, and safety risks.  With a clamp meter, though, all you need to do is open up the multi-meter’s “claw”, close it around the conductor, and take the accurate measurement – with no necessity to even make physical contact with anything.

If that sounds amazing, just wait until we tell you what the latest clamp meters can do!  How about measuring not only current, but voltage – at exactly the same time?  How about a feature highlighting whether an electrical fault is upstream or downstream?  How about results-analysing and sharing features – even remotely?  It’s all no longer just possible … it’s here.

So that’s three of our favourites – but rest assured, there are many more current and forthcoming innovations, evolutions and revolutions that will only continue to make work better, safer, faster and more lucrative for every smart electrician.  Will you be among them?