Tips to Boost WiFi Connectivity with Netgear Router Setup

Tips to Boost WiFi Connectivity with Netgear Router Setup

If you don’t want any kind of hindrance within your WiFi speed, then you must try the tips highlighted below. Here, in this piece of writing, we have listed some important tips that will help you boost the WiFi connectivity with Netgear router setup. Let’s take the plunge!

Tips to Improve the WiFi Performance

Choose an Optimal Placement for Your Netgear Router

To get the most out of your WiFi network, it is suggested to find the best and most suitable location for your Netgear router. Bear in mind that the WiFi signals can be drop or interrupt due to corners, walls, windows, and signal-interference caused by unknown or neighboring WiFi devices. So, it is suggested to place your Netgear router where you can get the seamless WiFi connectivity in every corner of your house. It is suggested to place your Netgear router at the mid and higher location of your house.

Update the Router’s Firmware

In order to improve the performance of your existing WiFi network, it is recommended – navigate to setup page and download the updated and latest version of firmware for your Netgear device. Firmware update is basically a software that helps in improving the security and overall performance of the device. If you haven’t updated Netgear router firmware since ages, then it’s time to do so.

Change the Router’s Channel

Switching the channel of your Netgear router to the less congested one can also give your device a boost. Your Netgear router makes use of radio frequencies and the people around you are on the same frequency, then they might interfere with your router’s WiFi channel. So, what are you waiting for guys? Navigate to setup page and change the congested channel of your Netgear device.

Get Rid of Unknown Devices and Apps

Check if your Netgear router’s WiFi is over-loaded with unnecessary or unknown WiFi devices or apps. If you found any anonymous activity on your router’s WiFi, get rid of them right away by disabling the your Netgear router’s SSID.

Add a Stronger Antenna

Your Netgear router might have come with a weak antenna. If so, then it is suggested to get a high-performance antenna. Doing so will improve the WiFi performance up to 40 percent.

Cut Off WiFi Leeches

It is very important to secure/ encrypt your Netgear router’s WiFi by protecting it with a unique and strong password. Are you thinking that you live in a high-society or posh area and no one will hack or leech your WiFi? Well, let us tell you that you are wrong. Most of the hacking incidents happen on posh areas. So, in order to secure your Netgear router’s WiFi, it is suggested to change the default routerlogin.netadmin password.

Get a Netgear WiFi Range Extender

Yes, you read it right! Consider doing Netgear extender setup and turn dead zones into fun zones. Once you are done with setting up Netgear extender, you would be able to access the internet from every corner of your house ranging from backyard to courtyard and kitchen to balcony.

Bonus Tips

For Netgear Extender Setup, the web address is used. On the off chance if is not working, use the default Netgear extender IP address.

For Netgear Router Setup, the web address is used. In the event that not working use the default Netgear router IP address.

In a Nutshell

We hope that the troubleshooting tips given in this piece of writing will help you make the most out of your Netgear router’s WiFi. Just in case, you have any queries regarding extending your WiFi with Netgear router setup, feel free to get in touch with our technical executives for immediate assistance.

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