Aware Yourself About Top Oracle Certifications And How You Can Learn Them

Aware Yourself About Top Oracle Certifications And How You Can Learn Them


Once you start your journey of finding a job in the IT sector, you realize the importance of certifications that provide validation to your skills. Over the years, the Oracle certification has remained relevant and survived the industry’s dynamic nature.

From the plethora of courses offered by Oracle, it is not an easy task to pick the ones which suit your requirements. To make things easier for you, we have brought a detailed insight into the top four Oracle certifications to help you soar ahead in your IT career.

1.  Oracle Database: Introduction To SQL Certification Training Course

Foundational knowledge of Oracle is essential to understand the basic writing queries and subqueries, combining two or more queries and using operators like SET. The exercises of this Oracle SQLcertification help in gaining hands-on experience of SQL.


  • General basics of handling computer-based operations
  • Basics of data management tools like Excel
  • A little bit of knowledge regarding databases, tables, attributes, variables, etc

What You Get

  • A detailed idea of databases, relational databases, JOIN statements, and other arguments regarding database handling.
  • Oracle training also enables you to control the entire database environment before you step on to the following path-  learning to do the same on the cloud.
  • Creating sorted reports using queries and subqueries.

2.          Oracle DBA 11g/12c Database Administration Certification Course For Junior Database Associates

Whether you are looking to build a career as Oracle Database Administrator or a Senior Database Associate, you should opt for the above-mentioned course. Experts often refer to this course as the first milestone for juniors to make it big in the Oracle Database Administration domain. 

The training and exercises are easy to understand as you get all the fundamental concepts to get familiar with a database infrastructure.


  • The basic idea of SQL
  • Nominal understanding of UNIX/LINUX commands

What You Get

  • Complete understanding of the DB Architecture
  • Installing, equipping, and working on an Oracle DB
  • Performing maintenance operations like backup and recovery with a database

3.          Oracle Database 12c SQL Certified Associate 1Z0-071

The best thing about the 12c is that it starts from basics and goes all the way to make a person versed enough to suit the roles of Oracle certified associate ready to work as a senior database administrator. Anyone opting for this course can confidently claim command over RDBMS operations as the course covers most SQL scripts for a better and detailed understanding.


  • As mentioned initially, the course starts right from basics, and there’s no prerequisite knowledge required for this course.

What You Get

  • A detailed understanding of RDBMS and Oracle databases
  • It will provide a much-needed boost before going for more advanced Oracle Cloud certifications.
  • Using subqueries to perform various DB operations and solve complex queries
  • Working with database tables using various manipulation statements

4.          Oracle 11g Certified Professional Exam Prep

This course has been specially designed to equip the professionals with all the skills required to clear the prestigious Oracle Certified Professional 11g DBA exam. Not just that, the OCA certification will eventually help in getting hands-on experience on the Oracle database.


  • No specified technical prerequisites as the course starts from scratch.
  • The trainee needs to install the VMWare to work on the database.

What You Get

  • Detailed knowledge of databases required to pass the Oracle 11g Certified Professional exam
  • Necessary practical skills to perform real-life operations and an idea about user security, schema objects, and storage structures.

Benefits Of Getting Oracle-Trained

There are certain benefits associated with ORACLE training:

  • Oracle certification training up skill your competence and hands-on knowledge of working with databases.
  • Oracle cloud certification reflects your eagerness to the recruiters that you want to advance your career in the domain further.
  • Better job security and excellent prospects are complementary to Oracle certifications.
  • You set yourself apart from your co-workers who don’t have Oracle certifications.


If you wish to get a head-start in your career and begin your pursuit to become a successful administrator, you must check out the courses mentioned above. Apart from them, numerous other courses like Oracle JAVA certification provide you with an edge over the others. 

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