Which is the most used payment app to pay the electricity bill?

Which is the most used payment app to pay the electricity bill?

Which is the most used payment app to pay the electricity bill?

Standing in the queue for hours to pay the electricity bill is indeed a painful process. It gets even worse for senior citizens who have to pay the bills on their own, especially in the harsh weather in India. Well, if you know someone, who has to deal with such a lengthy process every month, you can familiarize them with the process of paying electricity bills with the help of an app. This will help them to pay electricity bill without leaving their home.

Since there are so many payment apps in India at present, it is quite normal to feel confused while choosing any one. And if you are looking for one of the most easy-to-use apps for the same purpose, you can completely trust Airtel Thanks App.

Why Airtel Thanks App of all?

Using Airtel Thanks App can bring you a lot of benefits. Let us discuss some of these at length:

    • User-friendly: Using a new app can be a little tricky sometimes since not all of us are equally tech-savvy. This is why the majority of us prefer using an app that is user-friendly and which we can get accustomed to very easily. One such app is Airtel Thanks App. The app is very easy to set up and even users who are using a payment app for the first time, will not find any difficulty in using it.

    • Easy bill payment: Paying bills like electricity and other utility bills through Airtel Thanks App is very simple. And you can not only pay your bills but also of your loved ones, for whom it is a little difficult to pay utility bills.

    • Cashback: One of the best benefits that you get with the Airtel Thanks App is that every time you make a bill payment or recharge through the App, you can get cashback. Isn’t that great? This also means that you can save a lot of money which you can use for some other recharges and payments.

How do you carry out electricity bill payment through Airtel Thanks App?

To carry out your electricity bill payment through this App, you can follow the steps mentioned below:

    • If you have not installed the App yet, please do so by finding it in Google Play Store or iOS App Store

    • Now that you have installed it successfully on your smartphone, you have to put your mobile number which has to be followed by putting OTP

    • You now have access to the App, and at the App landing page you will find the icon for Electricity Bill

    • Click on it and you will get a list of all the states in the country

    • Choose your state for which the electricity bill you are going to pay

    • Now select your electricity provider or electricity board

    • At this point, you would need to put your customer number that is mentioned on the bill

    • Now click on ‘Pay Now’ and make the payment using options such as internet banking, debit/credit card, Airtel Payments Bank, or third party wallets

As you follow this process, your credentials such as customer number and electricity provider details will be stored with the app to shorten the time taken for bill payment for next month. Next time you have to pay your electricity bill or other utilities, you can try Airtel Thanks App and pay the electricity bill in just a few seconds and from the comfort of your home.