Know about MilesWeb’s .COM Domain @ ₹99

Know about MilesWeb’s .COM Domain @ ₹99

“The invisible thing called a Good Name is made up of the breath of numbers that speak well of you.” – Lord Halifax.

The quote applies to the names of whatever it is in the universe. A good name makes your presence distinguished amongst the thousands and lakhs of others.

Talking about the name and its importance in the world, let us come to the point.

You start a business, give it a name, you begin an educational organization with a suitable name. The term name plays a vital role in everybody’s life, and getting a name of your choice is the greatest thing ever.

While you are ready with your website, be it any blogger, portfolio, magazine, business, etc., getting the name of your choice is quite essential. The name given to your website is called the domain name.

Let us know about the term domain name:

A domain name is simply the online equivalent of a physical address for your website. A web browser requires a domain name to guide you to a website, just like a GPS requires a street address or zip code to provide directions.

A domain name is made up of two main components. The domain name, for example, consists of the website’s name (MilesWeb) and the domain extension (.com). When a business or organization (or an individual) buys a domain name, they have the option of specifying which server the domain name would point to.

Basically, your website’s permanent internet address is known as a domain name. It’s the address that people type into their browsers to get to your website or surf your web pages.

How do domain names work?

Users will find it much easier to recognize you if you buy, register, and use a domain name for your website. When visitors type your domain name into their browsers, their computers submit a request to the Domain Name System, which is a collection of servers (DNS). You don’t need to know what goes on behind the scenes in this location. All you need to know is that the DNS returns the IP address of your website’s hosting server, which is how people can access your website using your domain name.

The domain names are the strings given to the website as remembering the numeric IP number is practically not possible. 

What are the various components of a domain name?

A domain name can be one word or many words long. There is a dot used as a separator at the end of each letter, followed by a suffix, regardless of the number of terms. A top-level domain is a suffix after the dot (TLD). The second-level domain refers to the terms to the left of the dot.

The .com TLD is one of the most used TLD. There are over 200 domain name extensions available, with more added regularly. The development and management of these domain names are overseen by ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers).

Some of the popular extensions of the generic domain:

Extensions also show the essence of the website. Examples include:

  1. .com for commercial/business website.

  2. .edu for educational website. 

  3. .org for non-profitable organizations.

  4. .gov miscellaneous government website.

After knowing all about the domain name and its importance for your website, it is crucial to know about the best web hosting service providing the domain name you want at an affordable cost.

There are companies providing knock-down offers on the best domain names. One of the Indian web hosting company MilesWeb is best known for providing the best hosting services and domain names at an affordable price.

Regarding MilesWeb

MilesWeb is a dynamic web hosting service provider located in India. The company was launched in 2012 and provides the best in class web hosting services. MilesWeb provides web hosting plans and services under shared, reseller, dedicated, VPS, cloud hosting. MilesWeb has 30,000+ happy customers to date. 

MilesWeb promises to provide a high degree of support, including round-the-clock email-based helpdesk, and live chat support, all of which are available 24/7/365.

The company has various offers for domains.

The company is providing a domain free on the web hosting plans. With MilesWeb you get a .online domain free with a cheap .com domain. MilesWeb provides higher-degree privacy protection with the .com domain. 

MilesWeb enables you to search for the right top-level domain for your website. 

The latest domain offer by MilesWeb is the biggest ever offered in the hosting market. The company is providing you a .com domain in just 99*/yearly if you are buying the domain for two or more years. 

The .com domain @ ₹99*/yr. goes as follows:

For 1 year .com domain subscription you pay ₹850

For 2 years .com domain subscription you pay just ₹1199 (1st Year 99*& 2nd Year 1100)

For 3 years .com domain subscription, you pay ₹1999 (1st Year 99*, 2nd & 3rd Year 950)

Now that you understand what a domain name is and how to choose one, take great care in selecting one that is appropriate for your company. The .com is the best you can have, and getting it from MilesWeb is the best choice to make as you are getting the best domain in just ₹99*/yr. for an entire year.

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