Orbi RBR20: Tri-band WiFi Router

Orbi RBR20: Tri-band WiFi Router

Netgear Orbi RBR20 is awarded by many names by users and its fans, and among all the RedDot design award is our favorite. When compared to other routers, Orbi RBR20 is a mesh WiFi, means it supports a satellite, allowing users to enjoy seamless internet from anywhere in their home.

RBR20 lets you enjoy super-fast tri-band WiFi and easily creates your whole home WiFi mesh network.

Key Features of Orbi RBR20

  • Super-fast WiFi

Orbi lets you enjoy seamless video streaming and online gaming with WiFi speed up to 2.2Gbps.

  • Performance with Style

The WiFi device owns sleep modern design and offers WiFi range even in the hard to reach areas of your place, no matter if it is front yard, garage, or first floor.

  • Manage Your Kids’ Online Activities 

The Orbi device lets its users filter internet content according to the interests and age of their kids. You can also manage screen time and get notified on what your children are doing online. However, to use the feature, first you need to set Smart Parental Control by logging into your WiFi device via Orbilogin.

  • Simple and Secure

The installation process of the Orbi RBR20 is super easy to perform. Using the Orbi app, you can securely create your whole home WiFi-supported in a matter of minutes.

Basic Requirements to Make Your Orbi Work

To make the most of your Orbi, you need access to:

  • High-speed internet connections
  • Orbi Satellite, if you want to expand your Orbi WiFi system
  • An Ethernet cable
  • And, of course, Orbi RBR20

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How to Make Orbi RBR20 Working?

To make your Orbi operational, first you need to perform Orbi Login. This can be done either using web GUI or with the help of Orbi app.

Orbi Setup via Web GUI

  • To set up your Orbi via graphical user interface, power up the device by plugging into a power socket.
  • Now, on a computer, launch a web browser
  • Enter the default Orbi login web address in the address bar and proceed further by hitting Enter.
  • Once done, you will be asked to enter the default login credentials.
  • Enter the details and hit Continue

Following the on-screen instructions on your computer’s screen, you can now easily make your Orbi RBR20 working.

Orbi Setup Via Orbi App

An Orbi can also be configured using the Orbi app. For this:

  • Download the Orbi app on your smartphone/smart device. You can navigate to the App store that is compatible to the OS of your device.
  • Once downloaded, launch the app and follow the setup instructions.
  • Next, by tapping the Security icon on your device’s screen, check if the Netgear Armor is activated or not.
  • Enabling the feature will help you safe your device and WiFi from online threats and phishing attempts.

You’re now all set to use the various features of Orbi like run a speed test, pause the internet, set smart parental controls, enable/disable WiFi devices by making changes to the devices list, and a lot more.

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This is all about Orbi RBR20. In case you have any more doubts regarding the Orbi setup or login, send your query to us via comments. We’ll try to answer the query with a reliable solution as soon as possible.

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